RO-LCG 2017 Conference

Visa Information

Citizens of the states which are not part of the European Union or of the European Economic Area and wish to travel to Romania for a brief period of time, must obtain an entry visa in case they come from a State for which visas are required.
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ANNEX 1 - list of states whose citizens, holders of simple passports, that are required a visa upon entry on the Romanian territory (
The conference attendees from the RUSSIAN FEDERATION should apply for visa (according to the CE 539/2001 regulation).
You need a short-stay visa for scientific activities (marked C/ZA), that can be issued by the Romanian consular services in Moscow ( or Sankt Petersburg (
The document required by the consular services is a written request from the host organization (
IFIN-HH will issue this document if the conference organizers are contacted at rolcg2016 at nipne dot ro.

ANNEX 2 - list of states whose citizens, holders of simple passports, are not required a visa to travel to Romania (
Categories of nationals also exempt from the requirement to be in possession of a Romanian short-stay visa are:
Holders of biometric passports, nationals of the following states:

  • Republic of Moldova
  • Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
  • Republic of Serbia, except for the passports issued by the Serbian Coordination Division (in Serbian: Koordinaciona uprava)
  • Republic of Montenegro (the non-biometric passports issued by this state are no longer valid)
  • Georgia
  • Ukraine


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